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The History of Notting Hill Games


The year was 2013.  Two men, friends for years, successful careers at turning points decided to embark on a lifelong passion:  Games development.

Redundancy was obtained.  Contracts were finished.  A company was founded.

Arise, Notting Hill Games Ltd, may ye make games as fun to play as they are to create.  May you go forth and give happiness, fulfilment and joy to your directors.  May you generate fabulous wealth…


The Nohiga Who's Who


Roderic Mathisen

Global Executive Chairman.  Founder.  Director.

Career: IT Auditor -> Data Analyst -> Forensic Payment investigator -> Risk Assessment Guru -> Indie Game Developer

thomas Pinchen

Supreme Technology Commander.  Founder.  Director.

Career: Environment Release Rookie -> Business Analyst -> Environment Release Manager -> Indie Game Developer

Rudi Cunningham

Visionary Graphics Guy.  Contractor.

Career: UI -> UX -> Interactive -> Creative -> Designer